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We believe in taking action towards our common environment and the future of our planet.

All products are climate compensated for their environmental impact.


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The Åre Source

We offer a natural mineral water tapped directly from the certified Åre Source,

a groundwater reservoir, found in the well-preserved surroundings of Northern Sweden. The water we extract is granted an official title labelled “Superior” because of the low levels of nitrates it contains, indicating the purity of our products.

Åre’s crisp and alpine landscape provides a unique environment for a natural filtration process within the source, where its formation of layers of rock and sand initially date back to the ice age. Due to a moderate temperature in the bedrock, small blends of natural mineral salts enable our water to obtain a high oxygen saturation of 83%.

Electrolyte & Mineral Composition

Fluorid (F)

Sulphate (SO4)

Calcium (Ca)

Potassium (K)

Magnesium (Mg)

Sodium (Na)

Chloride (Cl)

Nitrate (NO3)

Nitrite (NO2)

Sum of nitrates



Oxygen saturation

<0,10 mg/l

6,7 mg/l

32 mg/l

0,51 mg/l

1,2 mg/l

1,3 mg/l

2,1 mg/l

<1,3 mg/l

<0,003 mg/l

<0,04 mg/l




Our Story

We truly believe that the natural mineral water we offer bring out excellent beneficial effects for the human body. The village of Åre is visited by people who seek a serene experience. During the late 19th century, people began visiting the valley to cure and expose themselves to the high-altitude air. Hence, we bottle our water on-site, directly in the heart of Åre.

We have a strong will to maintain our unique environment and take measures towards a sustainable perspective, where every decision is linked to the responsibility, we have to minimize our carbon footprint. Our entire production is environmentally sustainable, from self-pressured pumps that extract our water from the source, to renewable energy that power machines and heat our factory during colder seasons.

Our responsibility

We want future generations to feel good in communities where air and water are free of harmful substances and where it is genuinely considered healthy to breathe and live.

All packaging we use can be 100% recyclable and can be part of the circular economy.

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